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The studio will be closed April 20th-April 25th for April Vacation.  There will be no dance, Zumba, or private lessons.  Enjoy your break!

Zumba Toning Notice
The last day of Zumba Toning for this session will be on April 27th.   This will be the last Zumba Toning session offered.
Liz will continue to have drop in Zumba Toning classes on Mondays from May 4-June 1st for $7 per class, with June 1st being the last day that Zumba Toning will be held.  


June 5  - Rehearsal Schedule
Fermi High School
Dancers should be ready to rehearse in Tap Shoes

Class                                                                     Recital Time
Toddler Friday AM                                                            3:45
Toddler Friday 4:25                                                           4:00
Toddler Thursday 4:25                                                   4:15
Toddler Friday 5:15                                                           4:30
Toddler Adv Thursday 5:15                                            4:45
Toddler Adv Friday 6:05                                                 5:00
GLEE Saturday  4-8                                                          5:15
Monday 4:30-5:45 JTB ages 5-6 Miss Deb                5:35
Tuesday Hip Hop 4:30 Ages 5-7  Miss Deb               5:50
Tuesday 5:15 JTB Ages 5-6 Miss Kristy                     6:00
Friday 4:30-5:45 JTB Ages 7-8 Miss Kristy            6:15
Monday 5:45-7 ages 7-8 JTB  Miss Deb                    6:30
Tuesday Hip Hop 4:30 Ages 7-8 Miss Kristy          6:45
Wednesday Hip Hop 5-5:45 Ages  8-9                      6:55
Tuesday 9-12 JTB (F)  Miss Deb & Tuesday 9-11 Jazz Miss Kristy                  7:05
Thursday Hip Hop 6:05                                                       7:25  F
Thursday Hip Hop 7:00                                                       7:35  F
Glee 9-15 12:15 Saturday                                                 7:45
Tuesday Teen Hip Hop  7:05                                              8:05  F
Monday Teen JTB                                                                8:15 F
Finale – 9-12 Tuesday BTJ, Thurs 6:05 Hip Hop, Thursday 7:00 hip hop, Teen & Adult Hip Hop    8:30
Adult Hip Hop                                                                       8:45 F

Please come in full costume and makeup.
The dancers will dance FIRST then professional pictures will be taken if you would like.
Please be on time, we will start right at the time posted above.
Thank you!!   

Julianna 2:45
Alyssa 2:55
Miranda 3:05
Brianna 3:15
Abby Neal 3:25
Abbe Nisula 3:35


We offer classes in: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold,  flute, voice, and beginner piano lessons.

You can also have your child’s birthday party at Dance Amore.