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Holiday Show Schedule

Class                                                                                    Date/Time of Show


Monday Age 5 TBJ and age 8 Hip Hop            12/21            4:30

Monday Age 7 and Age 8 TBJ                              12/21            5:30

Monday Ages 9-10 TBJ-Miss Kristy                   12/21            6:30

Tuesday 4:30 Hip Hop (both classes)                         12/22             4:30

Tuesday Miss Kristy Age 6 TBJ                          12/22             5:15

Tuesday 9-12            TBJ                                      12/22            6:15
Wednesday Age 5 TBJ                                             12/23            5:15

Wednesday Age 9 Hip Hop                                    12/23             6:15


Thursday 4:25 Toddler TBJ                                    12/17            4:25

Thursday 5:15 Toddler TBJ                                    12/17             5:15

Thursday 6:05 Hip Hop 10-12                                12/17            6:15


Friday AM Toddler TBJ                                                12/18            10:00
Friday 4:25 Toddler TBJ                                              12/18            4:25

Friday 5:15 Toddler            TBJ                                   12/18            5:15

Friday 6:05 Adv Tod. 9-12 JTB                                12/18            6:00

Saturday 10:00 Glee                                                  12/19            10:00

Saturday 11:00 Glee                                                   12/19            11:00


Please note the time of the show may be a different time than their regular dance/glee class time. They will perform first so please be on time. Please bring in a wrapped $5 gift so that the dancers can exchange after they dance. If you would like to bring in a snack that would be great too. If you do choose to bring in a snack only bring something that is nut free because we do have performers with peanut allergies. The performers can wear whatever they wear for class. Anyone is invited to this performance. Thanks so much for an awesome start of the year!

The Holiday Shows will start Thursday December 17th-Wednesday December 23rd.  You will be getting more information soon.

Our end of the year recital weekend is June 10th-12th!

Tiny Tots and Friends: Have an active tot on your hands ? Help your child burn off some energy and network with other caregivers of Tiny Tots. Your child will discover movement and expression through a blend of dance, music, and imagination. Students are introduced to a class structure with age appropriate activities, stories, and fun!! This class is designed for 12 months to age 2 ½ and will encourage young children to explore, experiment, and move through dance and music !! We invite all types of care givers and any child of this age group. If you have searched high and low and can’t find something for your little busy tot to do this is the place for you !!


We offer classes in: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Glee, flute, voice, and beginner piano lessons.

You can also have your child’s birthday party at Dance Amore.